IBD Patients and Caregivers Have Strong Emotions

I want to talk about the two most powerful emotions that I believe go alongside a life with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. As most of you already know, inflammatory bowel disease is a family disease. Most chronic illnesses are which makes them that much harder to live with. Everything that happens to patients impacts […]

Silent Laughter

I’m writing this after going to see a movie to lose myself in.  It’s a late Monday evening, almost 10 pm my local time.  I use movies and TV to “escape” life.  I use them to relax and unwind.  Tonight, it was to unwind from work.  I’ve worked the last 5 days (not too bad) […]

I may not have IBD but. . . .

I have never been diagnosed with IBD. Never seen a bloody bowel movement. Never lost significant amount of weight in a short period of time. Never curled into a ball because of the excruciating pain inside my guts. Never had severe fatigue that I couldn’t function. (Well, maybe some fatigue. I am a mother after […]

The Crohnie Apocalypse…

There continues to be a lot of coverage (via blogs and most notably YouTube videos) concerning the threat to humanity that is The Zombie Apocalypse.  OK.  Fair enough.  I get that swarming hordes of the undead roaming our lands and devouring everything in sight could kind of mess with an otherwise peachy day.  However, I […]

SPECIAL – Meet Frank Garufi Jr

Sara Ringer from Inflamed and Untamed ( http://inflamed-and-untamed.com ) takes over the hosting duties of The #IBD Round Table Discussion and interviews me, Frank Garufi Jr. of The Crohn’s Colitis Effect ( http://cceffect.org ). You’ll get an in depth look at the life of Frank Garufi Jr. What life was like growing up for him.. […]

Episode 12 – #DDW14 and #WorldIBDDay

We’ve got another exciting episode this month!!! We discuss #DDW14 ( Digestive Disease Week 2014 ) in Chicago, Janssen Biotech (makers of Remicade ) and the #IBDSocialCircle meeting, plus #WorldIBDDay 2014. Episode 12 Panelist are Frank Garufi Jr., Sara Ringer, Marisa Lauren Troy, and Ryan Stevens