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The IBD Round Table Discussion was a concept that I thought up after watching hundreds of YouTube videos on IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis. The majority of the videos that had multiple people on it were stuffy, staged, and stiff. In February 2013 I thought to myself, how great would it be to just have four to five IBD Advocates sitting around a table talking? Talking about what’s currently going on with them, what’s going on in the IBD grass roots community, and offering advice to others.

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted Sara, Christina, and Sarah to be the panelist on the show. I followed all of them for a while. They are opinionated, smart, and leading the way in the grass roots IBD community. I was honored and humbled when all of them agreed to be on it.

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 1 – Healthcare, Pain Management, and Finances – In this episode we discuss what it’s like being an IBD advocate for Crohn’s and Colitis, How our healthcare system is failing IBD patients, Pain Management for IBD patients, the financial burdens for IBD patients, and so much more!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 2 – The Perfect Patient – In this episode we discuss if it’s important to be the “perfect patient”, Is IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis a household name?, Will there ever be a cure for IBD?, Is diet the miracle cure?, and so much more! Make sure to watch until the end to hear our Tips and Tricks!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 3 – – In episode three we start off talking with Sean Ahrens founder of We also discuss Mental Health as it relates to IBD plus alternative and Eastern philosophy medical treatments. Our Tips and Tricks at the end, won’t disappoint!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 4 – Hospitals – This episode is all about IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis patients and their hospital experiences. We discuss what a patient goes through leading up to a hospital experience, while in the hospital, and what hospitals can do to make the experience better for patients.

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 5 – Your Questions Our Answers – Episode 5 is all about YOU, our faithful viewers. You submitted your IBD, Crohn’s, and Colitis questions before the show and during the live streaming and we answered them. Your questions were great and we thoroughly enjoyed answering them!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 6 – Our Current Status – Episode 6 is a continuation on where we left off on Episode 5. We continue answering all the great questions you submitted, talk about the current state of each of our panelist health, plus talk about going back to school and IBD

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 7 – How We Live – Episode 7 talks about how we live our lives with Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( Crohn’s Disease and / or Ulcerative Colitis ). As summer has ended and we are now in Fall, how does the change of season affect our IBD and what about the Flu shot. We also take your questions and comments during the show.

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 8 – Diets and Psychology of Eating – Diets and the Psychology of Eating is our primary focus in Episode 8. We explore the different types of diets that IBD patients sometime choose, the psychology around food and eating, plus how social functions can be particularly difficult for IBD patients when they are centered around food. Christina Matthies also gives us an update on her health and current lung condition.

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 9 – IBD and Thanksgiving – It’s almost a week before Thanksgiving and we’re dedicating this episode to being thankful and what part IBD ( Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis ) plays in our Thanksgiving celebration! We also have a SPECIAL announcement that you won’t want to miss at the end of the show!

IBD Round Table SPECIAL – IBD Awareness Week – It’s Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week in the United States and we couldn’t think of a better way to bring IBD Awareness than having a very special IBD Round Table episode. We talk about the differences between Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, Will IBD ever be a “household” name, The emotional and mental health issues that IBD brings, and so much more!

IBD Round Table SPECIAL – Meet Sara Ringer – Sara Ringer – #IBD Advocate, QUEEN of IBD Videos on YouTube, IBD Blogger extraordinaire, and co-host / panelist of The IBD Round Table Discussion joins me for a one on one interview. We’ll not only talk about her battle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and her advocacy for the disease but also get to know the personal side of Sara. We start with her childhood and go all the way through to the present. Sara also answers your questions and comments!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 10 – Before, During, and After IBD Surgeries – Season 2 of the IBD Round Table Discussion kicked off last Thursday night with Before, During, and After IBD Surgeries. It was a great discussion with Sarah Choueiry, Christina Matthies, Marisa Lauren Troy and Ryan Stevens

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 11 – Our ONE YEAR Anniversary – Join myself, Sara Ringer of Inflamed and Untamed, and Sarah Choueiry of The Crohn’s Journey Foundation as we take a look back over the last year worth of discussion topics plus talk about if our thoughts and feelings have changed towards any of them. We’ll also be taking your questions and thoughts throughout the show too!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 12 – #DDW14 and #WorldIBDDay – We’ve got another exciting episode this month!!! We discuss #DDW14 ( Digestive Disease Week 2014 ) in Chicago, Janssen Biotech (makers of Remicade ) and the #IBDSocialCircle meeting, plus #WorldIBDDay 2014.

IBD Round Table SPECIAL – Meet Frank Garufi Jr. – Sara Ringer from Inflamed and Untamed ( ) takes over the hosting duties of The #IBD Round Table Discussion and interviews me, Frank Garufi Jr. of The Crohn’s Colitis Effect ( ). You’ll get an in depth look at the life of Frank Garufi Jr. What life was like growing up for him.. What it’s like being the caregiver to his son Domenic who was born with Crohn’s Disease… What it’s like being IBD Advocate.. We also have a blind folded drawing contest and take your questions live during the show

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 13 – IBD Public Awareness – After a small summer hiatus, The IBD Round Table is BACK for Episode 13. Ryan Stevens will tell us about his AMAZING swim across Lake Erie to raise public awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease… We’ll discuss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and if IBD needs a similar campaign… And the new CCFA PSA advertisement, is it better than the Escape The Stall campaign?? We also take your questions during the show!

IBD Round Table SPECIAL – IBDSocialCircle at DDW14 – In may, I was invited by Janssen Biotech, a Johnson and Johnson company, to attend Digestive Disease Week 2014 in Chicago and be a part of the IBDSocialCircle. The IBD Social Circle comprises of the leading IBD advocates Marisa Lauren Troy of, Sara Ringer of, Megan Starshak and Andrea Meyers of The Great Bowel Movement, Amber Tresca of, and Ryan Stevens of The purpose of the IBD Social Circle is to bridge the gap between IBD patients, medical professionals like gastroenterologist, and Janssen.

IBD Round Table SPECIAL – Meet Eric of VeganOstomy – Meet Eric Polsinelli of – An IBD Advocate, Crohn’s Disease patient, Ostomate, and someone who truly believes in living a vegan lifestyle. Eric gives us a look into his life before being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, what lead up to needing a permanent ileostomy, and his decision to start advocating for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, Eric also gives us insight into the product reviews he does for ostomy appliances and apparel plus his advice for other ostomate’s that might find it hard trying / experimenting with new equipment. Don’t let the name “Vegan” in his title turn you away! The information and awareness he shares with us in this interview far exceeds any diet lifestyle he subscribes too!

IBD Round Table Discussion – Episode 14 – FAQ w Dr. Peter Higgins – Dr. Peter Higgins of the University of Michigan IBD Center is our special guest this month. Dr. Higgins talks to us about the latest IBD research that is going on.. New IBD drugs that have just come to market Ozanimod and Mongersen.. Can you have both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis? The 23andMe Study, The GEM Project… Plus much, much more!

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