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Episode 13 – IBD Public Awareness

After a small summer hiatus, The IBD Round Table is BACK for Episode 13. Ryan Stevens will tell us about his AMAZING swim across Lake Erie to raise public awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease… We’ll discuss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and if IBD needs a similar campaign… And the new CCFA PSA advertisement, is […]

IBD Patients and Caregivers Have Strong Emotions

I want to talk about the two most powerful emotions that I believe go alongside a life with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. As most of you already know, inflammatory bowel disease is a family disease. Most chronic illnesses are which makes them that much harder to live with. Everything that happens to patients impacts […]

Silent Laughter

I’m writing this after going to see a movie to lose myself in.  It’s a late Monday evening, almost 10 pm my local time.  I use movies and TV to “escape” life.  I use them to relax and unwind.  Tonight, it was to unwind from work.  I’ve worked the last 5 days (not too bad) […]

I may not have IBD but. . . .

I have never been diagnosed with IBD. Never seen a bloody bowel movement. Never lost significant amount of weight in a short period of time. Never curled into a ball because of the excruciating pain inside my guts. Never had severe fatigue that I couldn’t function. (Well, maybe some fatigue. I am a mother after […]