Celebrating The Successes

Happy PlaceWhen it comes to IBD ( Inflammatory Bowel Disease ), unfortunately we have / get more bad news than we do good news. That’s why when we do get good news, it’s important to celebrate those success and remind ourselves that we can have triumphs over this disease!

Yesterday I posted ( http://goo.gl/hDvfOq ) that my son, Domenic, was going in to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy. His GI doctor was able to visually inspect the entire GI tract, and upon inspection, could find no visible signs of the disease!!!! This is the first time we ever got medical proof that he was in remission! We knew that in the last 15 months he showed no signs / symptoms of the disease… All his blood work showed he should have been in remission… But the colonoscopy and endoscopy was the final proof that for the first time in his life, he is in complete remission!

I’m also the proudest Father in the world right now….

You might ask why I wrote proud in the title… Well, if you’ve ever gone through a Colonoscopy Prep, you know just how grueling they are! But to be 9 years old and get through it with the strength and fortitude that my son displayed over the last two days… It was beyond exceptional! I couldn’t be more proud of him!

What’s next…???

We’re still waiting for the biopsies to come back… We probably won’t have them until at least Friday, but, it looks like as long as they come back good, we’ll be able to take Domenic off of Methotrexate and just leave him on Remicade.


Successes do happen! They sometimes come rarely and infrequently… But when they do, we should embrace them! We should also remind ourselves that no matter how many times Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis tries to break us, we can and will overcome it!

Find a support network that you feel comfortable with! Be it in person, or virtually. Find a medical team that you feel comfortable with! Sometimes that takes going to many different GI doctors until you find the one that listens to you and works with you. Find the right combination of Eastern and Western philosophies of treatments! It can take some time, but when you find the right combination of medical treatments it will help to get you to where you want to be!

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