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IBD RT SPECIAL – Meet Sara Ringer

YouTube Description: The Crohn’s Colitis Effect – IBD Round Table SPECIAL – Meet Sara Ringer. A special one on one interview. IBD Advocate, QUEEN of IBD Videos on YouTube, IBD Blogger extraordinaire, and co-host / panelist of The IBD Round Table Discussion joins me for a one on one interview. We’ll not only talk about her battle with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and her advocacy for the disease but also get to know the personal side of Sara. We start with her childhood and go all the way through to the present. Sara also answers your questions and comments!

Ever since I started advocating for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and doing interviews to help spread education and awareness around IBD, I’ve always wanted to interview Sara Ringer. Sara was one of the first people I found on the internet, specifically her YouTube videos, that helped me. It was through her advocacy that I learned so much about Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. This interview was a huge honor for me and I’m glad I get to work with Sara on a monthly basis doing The IBD Round Table Discussion.

As the YouTube description says above, we get an up close and personal look at Sara Ringer. We learn about her early childhood and how dance was extremely special to her. We talk about the teen years and how her dream was to be a school teacher. Sara talks about what lead up to having her colon and large intestine removed, getting a J-Pouch, and then finding out that the original IBD diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis was wrong and it was really Crohn’s Disease. Sara also takes our live audiences questions and comments and answers them live.

If you want to find all the places Sara Ringer is on the web, after watching this interview, have a look at the links below:

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