Crohn’s Disease Interview with Stephanie Hughes

YouTube Description: Frank Garufi Jr. interviews Stephanie Hughes regarding living with Crohn’s Disease. We take an in depth look at Stephanie’s life living with Crohn’s Disease and what she went through having her colon removed.

I was first introduced to Stephanie Hughes by Jesse Wojdylo, a Google+ user who I followed for his interesting content and conversation. Jesse explained to me that Stephanie was also an IBD advocate and was blogging about her experiences at The Stolen Colon. After reading Stephanie’s blog and reading about her story, I knew this was someone that I wanted to interview. Her struggles with Crohn’s Disease and having to have her colon removed was heroic and a story that needed to be told!

In the interview, I asked Stephanie to walk us through her life… From just before her diagnosis in her teenage years, all the way up until the present time. Here is what we discussed:

  • Family Life – How has Crohn’s Disease impacted her and her family life
  • College – What is life like being in college and having Crohn’s Disease
  • Friends – Did Crohn’s Disease change her relationship with her friends?
  • Relationships – Is it easy to have a relationship and how does Crohn’s Disease impact dating
  • Day To Day Life – The impact that Crohn’s Disease has on day to day life
  • Ileostomy – What it was like to have to make the ultimate decision to have your colon removed

When you are finished watching the video, please be sure to check out Stephanie’s blog at You can also find Stephanie on Facebook and Twitter. I always find Stephanie’s posts to be a great source of information on Crohn’s Disease!

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